Meet Jonathan Ringdahl - FWSP Board Member

Little did I know that a school trip to Perrot State Park would start a series of life-changing events. I still remember emerging from the forest to see the Mississippi River valley in its splendid glory below, from atop Bradys Bluff. I fell in love and have been in love ever since.
It was always a treat to travel from La Crosse to visit Perrot and, truthfully, any state park system property. They all hold beauty in one form or another.
Venture forth to some properties that you have never been to this year. You will thank me later.
In 2012, I wanted to do something memorable. l decided my challenge was to visit every Wisconsin State Park system property. There were 65 listed at the time. With a lot of help from my family, I accomplished this goal.
Along the way, I learned of the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP). After my journey was completed, I was invited to the FWSP annual banquet, followed by a board meeting a few months later.
The rest, as is said, is history. I love being an ambassador for our incredible state parks. l have a perspective few others have on how incredible and diverse the system is.
FWSP has given me the chance to make our parks better. l have had many great conversations with park users. 
In addition, I have used my voice as a constituent, to reach out to my legislators in order to let them know I value places natural, wild, and free. I want them protected and funded as well.
Those of us who recognize the value of our natural resources need to use our voice to help preserve, protect, promote, and enhance them.