2019 FWSP Incentive Grants

March 11, 2019

Dear Friends group members,

Below you will find the guidelines and application for the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks 2019 Incentive Grant. Also - FWSP is pleased to offer the opportunity for Friends groups to apply for the 2019 New User Grant this year, in addition to or instead of the main 2019 Incentive Grant.

2019 Incentive Grant: Friends groups are invited to apply for up to $1,000 for the 2019 Incentive Grant, with an equal amount in Friends match. This grant can be used for things such as Naturalist programs, exhibits, interpretive signage, or for naturalist time at the park system property during the spring, summer, and fall of 2019. Grant funds are limited and awards will be based on the applications that are ranked highest based on the grant priorities.

2019 New User Grant: Friends groups are also invited to apply for a limited number of 2019 New User Grants. Up to $1,000 will be awarded to projects that are designed to bring new users to your state park system property, above and beyond any programs that might already be in place. Friends groups are expected to match any funds received under the New User Grant as well. In addition, you will need to describe the methods that you will put in place to document and quantify your success in reaching new users.

Examples of qualifying projects could include:
  • Paying for transportation for children to visit a state park and go on a naturalist-guided hike
  • Hosting a program specifically designed for first-time park system visitors.
  • Purchasing recreation equipment to expose new users to outdoor activities such as camping fishing, birdwatching or others, that they have not experienced previously.
New User Grant award priority will be given to:
  1. Projects that are designed to provide Environmental education for new users
  2. Projects that target underserved populations such as: urban confined folks, seniors, disadvantaged children, handicapped
  3. Projects that offer new outdoor recreation experiences for new state park system visitors
Friends groups that intend to apply for both the 2019 Incentive Grant and the New User Grant may pair the grants to fund a single program that brings new users to their property or can apply for separate projects in one or both of the grant categories. There is a limited amount of grant funding in each category so the Incentive Grant applications and the New User Grant applications will be ranked and awarded based on the priorities listed and grant application criteria. Please refer to the Grant Guidelines for additional information. See reverse side for 2019 Grant application submittal options.

2019 Incentive Grant and New User Grant Close-Out report forms are available online at FWSP.org and will be due by Nov. 1, 2019.

For any questions, please email: Patricia.Loosen@FWSP.org

Both 2019 Incentive and New User Grant Applications must be received by Monday- April 15, 2019

Please mail your Friends group application to:

Friends of Wisconsin State Parks
P.O. Box 2271
Madison, WI 53701-2271

Or email to Patricia.Loosen@FWSP.org