2017 President’s Award Winner–Jan Primus

Jan Primus with Bill Zagerl, Bill Zager, President of the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks,  have selected Jan Primus as the winner of the FWSP President's Award for 2017. 

Jan has been a very dedicated Board Member of FWSP since 2008. She has been  on the Executive Committee and served as the Treasurer for 5 years and she has served as the Vice President this last year. Jan and her husband David have  also been very involved with Friends of Mirror Lake State Park, where Jan was  the past President of the Friends group.

In addition, Jan and David have spent  many weeks as a Campground Hosts at several different State Parks over the last  several years.  Jan is the voice on the FWSP Board that keeps us mindful of what our budget  allows us to do. Jan has spent countless hours working with Patty on the day to  day FWSP operations. Jan, along many other Board members, has been working  hard on our new role as fundraisers for FWSP. This expands many of our "comfort  areas” and Jan has been dedicated to moving FWSP forward. I also applaud Jan for  the many hours she has spent on the phone with me, with her advice, or just as  a sounding board as FWSP has moved through the WDNR realignment and FWSP  has become a much more independent 501 C3 organization. 

Jan is always there to be involved in FWSP activities & events and has given  her time and talents for events such as the Annual Awards banquet, the FWSP  workshops and seminars, the Volunteer jamboree, Work*Play*Earth Day and she  has always provided sound guidance for grant awards and other FWSP projects.  Jan thanks for your dedication to FWSP!