2017 Outstanding Friends Group–Friends of Yellowstone Lake Park

yellowThe Friends of Yellowstone Lake state park have accomplished a lot in a few short years! Because of the enthusiasm of the group members, they have
worked hard to get the group established and then they went on to take over the firewood sales and the boat and bait concession. Through their fund- raising
efforts, they have been able to build a firewood shed and they have made it a priority to fund a park naturalist in just a few short years. The Friends group has
applied for and received grants such as the Knowles Nelson Stewardship grant and the FWSP Incentive grant to help fund these projects. They also have used the Trees and Flowers grant to enhance the park office with plantings for visitors to enjoy. They have shown what dedication and hard work by Friends members can do and we thank them for volunteering their time to make Yellowstone Lake State Park a great place to visit!