Focus on Friends–Friends of Horicon Marsh Education & Visitor Center

Friends of Horicon Marsh Education   Visitor CenterIn 1994, a grass roots citizen group, the Friends of Horicon Marsh Education & Visitor Center was formed to perpetuate and promote the work of natural resources and conservation education. Support for the Horicon Marsh Education Program comes from the Friends group. The 18,865 square foot International Education Center addition illustrates the Friends’ vision and commitment to environmental education. Support for the Center also comes through the Friends’ collaborative partnerships with a coalition of state agencies, neighboring counties, city and town councils, and local school boards.
Volunteers carry out the work of the Friends of Horicon Marsh Education & Visitor Center.  This work is coordinated by the Friends Executive Director and is supported by two DNR naturalists and wildlife staff educators.

  • Invite businesses and industries to support Marsh education.
  • Support the recreational uses of the Marsh.
  • Serve with staff at special local, state and community events.
  • Serve as a mentor to new member volunteers.
  • Volunteer in the Gift Shop
  • Help with fund-raising and development in support of the Horicon Marsh Educational Center
  • Help to build, restore and improve public access and recreational areas.
  • Assist wildlife education staff with school and community groups at the Center and on the marsh.
  • Assist with mailings, filing, call for volunteer help, publicity, donor records.
Benefits of volunteering:
  • Volunteer OpportunitiesContribute volunteer expertise to a leading local conservation and education organization.
  • You get to meet new people.
  • The opportunity to gain personal growth and satisfaction.
  • Build your resume.
  • Learn more about our work.
  • Contribute toward community enrichment by making our center available 7 days a week.
  • Private Horicon Marsh Tours just for our volunteers.
  • Volunteers enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes with giving of time and talent to further environmental education and the preservation of the Marsh, an international treasure.