Kohler-Andrae, Harrington Beach State Parks*

image_thumb[2]Kohler-Andrae State Park is another park nestled against Lake Michigan’s beautiful shores. My dad and I fondly recall our visit here. It was just before sunset in late October. We were on a long stretch of park visits over the last several days of getting up early and visiting parks until sundown or later. We were walking along the boardwalk when we spotted a doe and older fawn standing on top of the ridge above the lake with the lake accenting them from behind. It was a magical scene that we will never forget. The park offers great beach access. Visitors are welcome to camp here too. The park offers a regular and a group campground. If Lake Michigan does not offer enough water for you, the Black River runs through the park and there is a fishing pond too. Come out and make some great memories at Kohler-Andrae State Park!
Harrington Beach State Park is a great place to take in all of the splendors of Lake Michigan. There is a beach forimage_thumb[3] people and another for people accompanied by their furry best friends. All of the state parks along Lake Michigan have great beaches. This park follows suit. Shuttles transport people along the road paralleling the beach in the summer. Quarry Lake and Puckett's Pond provide great fishing areas as well as, along with the beach, great picnic areas. It was a good idea that they built a campground because this park is one worth spending a relaxing weekend at. My dad and I spent a night here. We woke up in the morning and took a hike toward the beach. We saw a doe with two fawns feeding on the way to the beach. We kept our distance and they did not mind our presence. It made for a special morning. Memories are waiting to be made at our parks. It's up to us to go make them.
***** Jonathon Ringdahl visited all of Wisconsin’s 64 State Parks, State Forests, and recreational areas in 2012. This is another in a series of articles he is writing for the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks. Opinions expressed in this blog are the author’s