Individual Membership

We invite you to join us in Preserving, Promoting, Protecting and Enhancing Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails and recreation area! There are several ways that you can contribute to this effort and be part of the work that Friends of Wisconsin State Parks has planned for this year. Please consider one or more of these options so that we can continue to enhance our beautiful Wisconsin park system and the beautiful resources that we all enjoy for hiking, skiing, biking, camping, kayaking and so many other recreational activities. Click to download pdf  or contribute online here
The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks offer the following opportunities:
  • Support the statewide activities of FWSP with a donation
  • Support the statewide Naturalist program- activities throughout the summer and fall season that include interpetive programs at state parks.
  • Support Environmental Education for children at state parks
  • Support FWSP by contributing to FWSP Endowment Fund  
  • Become a member of Friends of Wisconsin State Parks
Your dollars help us to enhance our beautiful state parks and trails! Also consider supporting these efforts:
  • Volunteer at Work*Play*Earth Day events around the state
  • Volunteer and join a local Friends group 
  • Attend Friends events at the parks, forests, trails and recreation areas