Support FWSP - The Big Share

Friends of Wisconsin State Parks would like you to join us in supporting the beautiful Wisconsin State Parks!
One way that you can help is by making a contribution to FWSP through the BIG SHARE 2019! You can make a contribution anytime from now through March 5, 2019 - or on the BIG SHARE DAY.
Your generous contribution will be used for programs and projects around the state at Wisconsin state park system properties in 2019.
Your help makes a difference!

Who is Friends of Wisconsin State Parks

Michael McFadzen, Friends of Wisconsin State Parks Policy chairperson, recently presented this four-minute segment with Wisconsin DNR Regional Partnership online meeting. 

Shop Online - Give the Gift of Recreation

Welcome to The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks online store for 2019. 
Ordering online makes shopping very easy. Orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days via USPS. 
The 2019 state park vehicle admission stickers and trail passes make great gifts. They are gifts that can be used every day, all year long, all around the state at our beautiful Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails and recreation areas.

The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks online store uses PayPal. You can shop with or without a PayPal account. (Click to Shop online.)