FWSP Volunteers Needed for US Open!

To all supporters of Friends of Wisconsin State Parks and to all golf enthusiasts-

For the first time ever, the US Open Golf Tournament will be held in Wisconsin during the week of June 12-18, 2017 at Erin Hills Golf Course in Erin, Wisconsin.
The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks have a unique opportunity to offer a volunteer opportunity for folks to work at the event in the vendor area - and each volunteer will receive a free pass for the day to see the tournament and a free meal from Ruth’s Chris Steak House.
FWSP has opened the volunteer slots for the event for you and your family & friends to sign up! This is a great opportunity to help Friends of Wisconsin State Parks as well as have a lot of fun and see some great golf while receiving some great benefits listed below!!
We received the Volunteer shift time slots from Ruth Chris Steakhouse for the US Open and it consists of 7 hour shift slots. There will be a break within the shift. There will be more information provided that will include the Volunteer waiver forms & a Volunteer information packet and those will be provided very soon.
Please read the basic information we have below, go ahead and sign up and we will send out waivers and information when we receive it from the event officials. Security checks will be same as Airport security, see details below.
There will be free parking at specific shuttle lots in the area and free shuttles to the Golf Course. You must allow extra time for the shuttle rides on both ends of your day. You be working in the food vendor booth under the direction of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse management.
Please have everyone signup As Soon as Possible for best selection of slots. US OPEN Volunteer sign up: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f4eaca928aafb6-usopen 


  • Volunteers are responsible to report to a yet to be designated park and rides to Erin Hills (the road to Erin Hills will be closed to private traffic) 
  • and for their own lodging if they stay overnight. The motels and campgrounds are all full, so other arrangements will need to be made. 
  • Volunteer will commit to 1: 7 hour shift and in return. 
  • Volunteers will get a US Open shirt with Ruth Chris and FWSP logos on it. a free meal from Ruth Chris, Free parking and a Gallery Pass to watch the Tourney,
  • A GREAT opportunity to make a big showing for FWSP! 
FWSP, for coordinating, gets $7/volunteer hour so if you don't show up FWSP loses the $7/ hour and it is added workload on the remaining volunteers. This a chance of a lifetime for us as volunteers and FWSP gets exposure to MANY potential donors!
Crowd size is expected to be 40,000 a day!! The jobs will be cashiers , food prep, servers and cooks for the steaks.

  • Uniform: Ruth’s Chris and the USGA require you wear the designated uniform which includes the Ruth’s Chris polo, the black Ruth’s Chris baseball hat, choice of black, white or khaki bottoms- pants, capris, or shorts at least to the knee. 
  • NO DENIM is allowed at the event.
  •  Closed toed shoes are required during all shifts. There cannot be any open-toed shoes in the concession tents. 
  • Health codes require all hair longer than shoulder length be tied back. 
The Health Inspectors will be checking each tent to make sure we are following all of the state guidelines.
If it is chilly, volunteers may wear a sweater or a jacket.

Security and Prohibited Items
( Basically like an airport security check) Spectators and other championship attendees will not be allowed on the shuttle buses or through an Admission Gate with any of the items listed below. Please be sure to read the following list of prohibited items carefully:
  • No Weapons (regardless of permit, including but not limited to firearms or knives) 
  • No Explosives and/or Fireworks of any kind 
  • No Tablets and/or Computers (cellular mobile devices smaller than 7" are permitted) 
  • No Noise-Producing Devices (including portable speakers) 
  • No Cameras (other than Monday through Wednesday for personal photographic use) Note: Use of cameras and mobile device camera features must follow the camera/photography policy *
  • No Video and/or Audio Recording at any time with any device 
  • No Backpacks, Briefcases and/or Bags larger than 6" W x 6" H x 6" D in their natural state Note: Transparent/clear plastic hand and shoulder bags no larger than 12"W x 12"H x 6"D are permitted. *
  • No Signs, Posters and/or Banners usopen.com 
  • No Food and/or Beverages except for medical or infant needs 
  • No Containers and/or Coolers except for medical or infant needs Note: Transparent/clear plastic water bottles (size 24 ounce or smaller) are permitted when empty. 
  • No Pets (other than service animals assisting disabled individuals) 
  • No Lawn Chairs and/or Oversized Chairs with Arms (compact chairs without arms are permitted with no case) 
  • No Ladders and/or Step Stools or other similar items 
  • No Bicycles allowed inside admission areas or on the championship grounds 
  • No Metal-Spiked Golf Shoes 
  • No Containers, Coolers, Aerosol Cans and/or Spray Bottles except for medical or infant needs Note: Personal care items (3-ounce size or less) and transparent/clear plastic water bottles (size 24 ounce or less when empty) are permitted 
No other items deemed unlawful, dangerous or disruptive by the USGA and/or Championship Security Personnel, in their sole discretion.
Each volunteer working is entitled to a meal for each shift worked. Ice cream and alcohol are not available to volunteers. Your Ruth’s Chris Managers will let you know when you are able to take a break. It is important that the breaks be scheduled when large galleries are not coming through the area of your tent. When returning from any breaks- including meal, bathroom, or just coming into the tent- we require that you wash your hands before doing anything else.
NO SMOKING - There will be no smoking in or around concession tents as it is a fire hazard. If you need help finding a place to smoke, please ask you concession tent manager.
Here is some more information about Ruth’s Chris Steak House restaurants and Ruth Fertel, the founder: 
History of Ruth’s Chris Steak House: Fifty years ago in New Orleans—one of America’s most culturally rich cities—Ruth Fertel, a single working mother looking to provide a better life for her two sons, browsed the “Classifieds” section of the Times-Picayune. She spotted an ad reading “Steak House for Sale.” Driven by an inherent entrepreneurial spirit, she mortgaged her home to purchase Chris’ Steak House on the corner of North Broad St. and Ursulines in New Orleans.
 Even though she had no restaurant experience, her intelligence and drive to succeed enabled her to become a successful business owner and eventually to lead the company to become the largest upscale steak house in the world. Ruth worked and lived by the mantra, "Do what you love, love what you do."
She had the reputation of being a driven, hard-working person who never met a challenge not worth overcoming. Ruth was successful because of her strong work ethic and keen ability to understand her guests.
Ruth had a certain way of doing things. How to run a restaurant. How to treat people. How to handcraft the perfect cocktail and how to maintain the best wine list in town. Of course, Ruth was a stickler for sourcing only the top 2% of the country’s beef and serving the best steak on a 500° sizzling plate (that’s so it would stay warm through the very last bite).
She also insisted on making things fresh in-house daily, from fresh-squeezed juices for handcrafted cocktails to her own famous sides and desserts. Often, people would ask Ruth why her food was so good, and she’d simply say, “Just follow the recipe.” We invite you to experience how Ruth’s timeless recipe is alive and well to this day.
Why is it called Ruth’s Chris? Our founder, Ruth Fertel, purchased a restaurant called Chris Steak House in May of 1965 in New Orleans. Ruth had never planned to expand, but after a fierce kitchen fire decimated the property she was forced to relocate in order to stay in business. Within ten days Ruth had the restaurant up and running. But the Chris Steak House name was not allowed to move with it. With little time and a mischievous smile, Ruth added her own name to the sign, making it “Ruth’s Chris Steak House.” Now with her own name in lights the tongue-twisting name was born. Later Ruth admitted the name was strange, but she managed to work around it.