Public Fundraising Kickoff Announced 2017-03-08 15-56-13Wisconsin State Parks new fund raising campaign will seek to increase the support that FWSP can provide in order to preserve, promote, protect and enhance Wisconsin’s beautiful state parks, forests, trails and recreation areas. Friends of Wisconsin State Parks have been providing project grants to local park property Friends groups for 10 years, in order to provide a better experience for state park and trail visitors around the state. FWSP has just celebrated 20 years as a nonprofit 501C3 organization and they have set out to broaden what they do and increase their impact around the state. They fund educational programs throughout the park season, provide funding for workshops, the planting of trees and flowers at parks and trails, and they would like to expand programs that bring children to state parks and trails to learn and experience nature through this fund raising campaign.
“The organization’s mission and values have defined FWSP for 2 decades, and the tax deductible donations of the public and state park visitors and supporters of this fund raising effort will help ensure that FWSP will continue to meet its challenges and commitments in order to keep state parks vibrant and to allow for park and trail users enjoyment,” says Bill Zager, president. “The FWSP fund raising campaign will sustain our commitment to outdoor education and nature program excellence, and will advance our position as a steward of funds to enhance, educate and promote the beautiful Wisconsin state park properties. This campaign is about supporting the Wisconsin state parks that we love and for the people who come to the Wisconsin state parks, the experiences that they have here and the memories that they leave with.”
The campaign will raise funds to support the following FWSP priorities:

  • Innovative education programs for visitors of all ages at state parks
  • Native Trees and Flowers planting projects at state parks/trails
  • Park/Trail recreation improvements project
  • FWSP Endowment Fund
Would you be willing to help with these efforts?
Please donate to the program of your choice or to FWSP so that they can expand their efforts at Wisconsin state park system properties.  Click here to find out more....