FWSP Works - FWSP and WDNR Working Together - Press Release

Several Friends Groups have contacted Friends of WI State Parks (FWSP) with concerns regarding these three new WDNR agreements; Friends, Concessions, and Firewood. Due to the concerns expressed, FWSP representatives met with the Parks Management Team to discuss the aforementioned documents.

Ben Bergey, Director of Wisconsin State Parks Management, started off the conversation by stating he and his staff very much value the work of the Friends Groups, and it is his priority to maintain a great working relationship between WDNR/ FWSP/ Local Friends Groups.

These agreements are now in a universal form and will be used for all applications going forward. We can report that these are in reality based on the old forms and that all items in them are negotiable and can be changed as the Local Friends and Park Superintendant see fit. The Property Superintendant has wide discretion in implementing the agreements.

This means:

 No immediate change in wood management and sales, but over time would like to see less use of plastic packaging and use standard size bundles.

 You are not required to contribute any monies raised through your concessions to state coffers, unless your group would like to.

 Special licensure not required for canoes rentals only; however certification is required if entities are providing guided tours, per State Statute.