DNR Asking for Friends' Assistance

Dear Friends Groups-

The DNR is embarking on a study, known as the Recreation Opportunities Analysis (ROA), to
 review existing outdoor-based recreation opportunities and future recreation needs. http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Lands/RecAnalysis/ This is an excellent occasion to engage DNR
leadership and have an impact on parks and trails. Some of the goals are:

  • ensure that DNR resources are focused on providing recreational opportunities in the most appropriate places
  • provide information and guidance that enables the master planning process to identify which roads on DNR properties should be open to motorized vehicles 
  • provide information on the full spectrum of outdoor recreation in each region to the department's master planning process
  • use the best available information to identify existing recreation opportunities and future needs and priorities in each region of the state

Reports will be developed to describe existing recreation opportunities, future needs and priorities, and the potential role of state-owned lands in helping meet these priorities. The reports will provide guidance to the DNR's master planning process on a wide variety of recreation needs, including opportunities for incorporating motorized access. This analysis is being conducted concurrently with a legislatively-mandated DNR project to inventory and map all roads on department properties. The results of the road inventory project will help inform the ROA.

The public will be invited to participate in the development of the regional reports. Friends Groups can play a key role in this project. Sign up to receive periodic updates and to obtain a listing of opportunities to participate in the process. Click on the below link and follow the instructions to sign up for e-mail updates on the Recreational Opportunities Analysis. https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/WIDNR/subscriber/new?topic_id=WIDNR_805

The ROA will have long lasting implications on the future of state lands recreation. This will be a great opportunity to tell your park’s story Contact FWSP Policy chairman Michael McFadzen for more
information mcfadzen@msn.com Thanks for all you do to make Wisconsin state parks, trails, and forests a better place to visit and play!