2016 President's Award Winner - Jack Travis

Jack Travis has been a dedicated board member from the very beginning of Friends of Wisconsin State Parks and he is the only FWSP board member who has continued on the board of directors from the beginning of the organization in 1996 to the present — 20 years.
Jack has served on the FWSP Executive committee over the years and has contributed to the strength and growth of FWSP as it evolved. He has kept much of the history of FWSP at hand and has been able to provide valuable insight to the board along the way. He has provided important input in the new FWSP Strategic Plan that will guide the organization for the next several years and beyond.
Jack has also nurtured the local Friends groups and their relationship with FWSP. For 8 yearsjack was a member and officer of Friends of Lapham Peak and is a lifetime member of their Friends group.
In 1999, Jack moved to Ellison Bay and has served on the board of directors for Newport Wilderness Society as well as serving as president from 2008 - 2015. Jack has always made sure to invite the president of FWSP to his local Friends group's annual meeting and to make sure that communication and information flows between FWSP and local Friends groups. Jack Travis has devoted many years to local Friends, FWSP and the Wisconsin State Park system and for that we are grateful. Congratulations jack!