A Note from FWSP President

Spring is here and activities at the state parks, forests, trails and recreation areas are getting started.  Friends of Wisconsin State Parks are looking forward to celebrating our 20th year as the umbrella organization for our 80+ Local Friends Groups.  If you, as a local Friends Group or as an individual member, have ideas on additional ways that FWSP can support your group, please let us know.

FWSP has the Tree and Flower grants and also Incentive matching grants available for your local Friends Group as financial help  for your local projects.  These projects along with many other Friends projects and programs help to enhance the visitors experiences and make them more enjoyable at the state parks, forests, trails and recreation areas.  If you can work it into your plan, invite park users to become involved and join in the experience of having pride and ownership in these great state park properties.  FWSP wants to thank all of the Local Friends volunteers and members for your great support.

As a follow up to the Informational Summits FWSP sponsored the last 2 years, we are planning an all day Summit/ Workshop in November for all of the Friends Groups - both local groups and our statewide members.  If youhave ideas on a special topic or a special presenter, please let us know. 

As you are planning your 2016 vacations please include the pristine Wisconsin State Park System as a destination or side trip.  You are invited to go to FWSP.ORG and get information about the Gold Seal winning properties to help you plan a trip to one of them and to see the highlightsof these special parks, trails and recreation areas.   As budget constraints are hitting the state park properties, they need our support more than ever.  When you are talking with friends and local political figures, please make one of the topics the state parks system and the huge financial impact they have on the Wisconsin economy.

Happy trails!

Bill Zager, Pres. FWSP