Incentive Grant Program

*Formerly known as the Affinity Naturalist Grant

Who May Apply

Eligible Friends groups must be non-stock, nonprofit corporations described under Section 501(c)(3) or (4) of the Internal Revenue  Code and exempt from taxation under section 501 (a).  In addition,  the group must have formed to raise funds for a state property and also have a written Friends agreement with the Department of Natural Resources.
Eligible Friends groups must also be current members of Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP).  In order to be a current member of FWSP the Friends group must have their membership dues paid before grant applications are processed.  If the membership dues have not been paid, please send a $25 check to Friends of Wisconsin State Parks with the grant application. Friends Renewal Form

Each form above is a Word document. Download the document to the computer. Complete it. Save it.

Either email it to:

or send it to:
Patricia Loosen
Outreach Coordinator for the State Parks of Wisconsin
101 S. Webster Street  PR6
Madison, WI  53707

How Much Money Is Available?

Each Friends group may apply for up to a $1,000 grant.

Grant Awards

Grants are awarded for up to 50% of project, position, or activity costs.  The other 50% of project costs shall be provided by the project sponsor (Friends group).  Up to 50% of the sponsor’s share of project costs may be non-cash donations such as materials, equipment use, services or labor.  Grants awards will be announced in early Spring..

What Projects Are Eligible?

Grants are awarded to qualified Friends groups for naturalists and eligible interpretive programs, including but not limited to interpretive equipment, LTE Naturalists, nature education for children, exhibits, interpretive signage and other interpretive needs.