Focus on Friends–Friends of Red Cedar Trail and Hoffman Hills

redcedarhoffman.orgNestled in the hills of north western Wisconsin one finds a multi-use 14.5 mile  trail winding its way along the walls of Red Cedar Valley.  Along the way,  is a 707 acre nature preserve with a 60 foot observation tower.  The “Friends’, comprised of individuals, families and businesses, are dedicated sharing the same goal: sustaining, improving and maintaining the Red Cedar State Trail and Hoffman Hills.
The Friends of the Red Cedar State Trail and Hoffman Hills have been blessed by the willingness of community members and community organizations5927189387_0f8cbd0bf5_m to volunteer on projects that improve both trails. This generosity has become even more important in the past few years due to State funding cuts to the Department of Natural Resources’ budget. The Friends have responded to these budget cuts by increasing their volunteer efforts. Grooming of the Red Cedar State Trail in winter is done completely by volunteers. Skiers donate to a grooming fund to help offset the grooming costs at Hoffman Hills. “A wish list of projects” is made each year to improve and keep the Red Cedar State Trail and Hoffman Hills as the treasures we locals, as well as the many visitors, enjoy. Several of the projects on the list include; eradicating invasive species, working on exhibits, gardening at the depot, repairing birdhouses, trail projects, working in the depot, being a trail ambassador, or helping with special programs such as the Candlelight Ski and National Trails Day.
The Friends of the Red Cedar State Trail/Hoffman Hills is fortunate to have the support of its business members. Their support has assisted the Friends group in accomplishing many of its tasks to sustain and maintain the two nature resources, as well as making improvements. Please return their generosity with your support.