Focus on Friends – Friends of Potawatomi State Park

Clipboard01The Friends of Potawatomi State Park invite everyone to the great North. Relax, enjoy the park, you’re among ‘Friends’.  The Friends of Potawatomi State Park was formed in 1995 by volunteers dedicated to donating their time and talents  to aid in maintaining and improving Park programs and equipment.
Projects that the Friends Group have accomplished recently are:

  • Invasive species monitoring and control. Progress has been made in controlling garlic mustard, honeysuckle and phragmites.
  • Planting flowers in the campground and office flowerbeds.
  • Funding and support for naturalist programs and Park maintenance.
  • Resurfacing playground areas with wood fiber.
  • Funding a new playground digger.
  • Assisting Park staff in maintaining ski trails.
  • Distribution of the children's bike helmets supplied by Habush, Habush & Rottier Charitable Funds.Runwild Pictures
The major fund raiser for the group is the annual Run Wild! event on the second Saturday of October(Columbus Day weekend) that attracts upwards of 500 runners.