Focus on Friends–Friends of Peninsula State Park

Spooktacular Hike - Game TableThe Friends of Peninsula State Park(501 c (3)) are dedicated to supporting the interpretive, historical, educational and visitor service programs of Peninsula State Park located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. The ‘Friends were founded in 2007.
The volunteers assist Peninsula State Park staff by :

  • Helping to eradicate invasive species such as garlic mustard and European honeysuckle within the Park.
  • Providing volunteers to assist in the Nature Center throughout the summer and fall.
  • Providing volunteers to help with programs put on by Park staff, such as the Candlelight Ski, Talking Tombstones and Spooktacular
  • Providing volunteers to assist in the Door County Half-Marathon and the Door County 50-mile Run.

  • The hard working volunteers frequently donate 1500-over 2000 hours per year. They worked tirelessly to promote and host Campfire Stories and Snacksthe Annual Golf Classic’ event., annual Candlelight ski/hike event in February, and the Talking Tombstones and Spooktacular(Photo – right).
    It is not unusual for over 1000 visitors to attend the Spooktacular Hike at Peninsula State Park where visitors were treated to costumed characters along a mile-long candlelit trail, campfire stories, cookies, marshmallows, and cider, crafts, a fire safety play at American Folklore Theatre, and meet-and-greets with Smokey Bear and Sparky the fire dog. Thank you to everyone who supported this event to raise funds for nature education in the park!
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