Focus on Friends–Friends of Hartman Creek State Park

The Friends first came together in 1982 and regrouped in 1994.The Friends of Hartman Creek State Park is comprised of people who have fallen in love with Hartman Creek State Park. They are park neighbors, first-time visitors, and yearly campers. The Friends come from Wisconsin, the Midwest, and across the nation., who treasure the quiet, safe, and friendly atmosphere so prevalent at Hartman Creek. The Friends  embrace the many lakes in and around the park, the kettles and ridges left behind by the Wisconsin glacier, former Indian trails, and campsites, and the patchwork of pine, orchard, meadow, and mixed forest which blankets the land today. Along with the people, who return to the park to enjoy the 100 campsites and five group sites, the Friends want to see Hartman Creek retain the beauty and qualities that draw people back time and again. (Facebook Page: )
The primary challenge of the Friends of Hartman Creek is to support and promote the natural growth and preservation of this 1,400 acre park near Waupaca. The group recognizes that Hartman Creek visitors not only enjoy the natural aspects of the park but the valued recreation it offers as well.  (Photo left: Outdoor skills day)
Canoeists and kayakers enjoy the seven lakes of Waupaca's Upper Chain O'Lakes that are in or adjacent to the park. Anglers also ply the waters, taking advantage of the two fishing piers. Bicyclists and hikers explore Hartman Creek's 10 miles of trails.

The Friends seek to enhance visitor experiences by further developing nature trails, among other things, and by promoting friendly use of the park's many outstanding resources. By working hand-in-hand with park staff, members of Friends of Hartman Creek map out projects, purchase needed materials, and donate time and labor to help make plans reality.

The Board of Directors is continuously considering new projects and pondering new ways to make each visitor's experience more enjoyable than the last. Recent improvements to the park are: a new wood & ice shed for campers, completely restoring the Hellestad House, an authentic Norwegian log cabin; publishing and printing the Hartman Harrier park Newspaper yearly; sponsoring the annual winter Candlelight Hike ⁄ Ski in January; Bluebird house monitoring, and most recently, purchasing a much needed 4–wheel maintenance vehicle!
The Friends is a very active group of volunteers. ( Calendar link: )
Projects include:

  • Put up the teepee (Spring)
  • Take-down the teepee (Fall)
  • Monitor bluebird nest boxes
  • Weed and maintain the Laedtke Memorial Butterfly Garden
  • Assist in removal of invasive plants
  • Select a portion of trail to adopt, monitor, remove litter, and trim branches
  • Assist in opening up the Hellestad House
  • Greet visitors at the Hellestad House
  • Lead nature walks or programs
  • Write articles or assist with publishing and mailing newsletters
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings
  • Help with special events like the Candlelight ski, bake sale, or special celebrations