Focus on Friends - Friends of the Mead/McMillan Association

The Friends of the Mead/McMillan Association come from many different backgrounds interested in increasing public understanding, appreciation, support, and enjoyment of wildlife. Formed in 1996, the goals of the “Friends”  continue to seek funding for educational support, improving access and use of the handicap facilities on the property, creating citizen support for the management activities on the property, expanding and promoting the walking trail system, promoting the Mead as birding area, purchasing needed operational and habitat maintenance equipment, providing updated maps of the property, and creating a trail system with viewing areas.
With almost 40,000 acres dedicated to wildlife, Mead and McMillan are resources that touch the lives of every citizen in Wood, Portage and Marathon Counties. The Friends are a partner in the day to day operation and we have much to be proud of.
The ‘Friends’ were instrumental in raising funds for the Stanton W. Mead Education and Visitor Center, a model in green design in the state of Wisconsin. They have also provided funding and volunteers to build the Ephemeral Trail and Boardwalk, along with the observation decks overlooking the Educational Wildlife Scrape & Sedge Meadow.
The Friends of the Mead/McMillan Association, Inc. Board of Directors meets every other month, typically on the first Tuesday at 6 pm at the Visitor Center.  The meeting is open to the public and Friends members.
The Friends of Mead & McMillan Wildlife Areas Facebook page is