Focus on Friends - Friends of the Fox River Trail

by  Becky Nyberg, Secretary Friends FRT
We have a small, but dedicated core group of about 15 people who keep the group running .  We meet in person 4 xs per year. We have a larger membership group of about 120 people who receive e-mail newletters and help with specific projects when asked and generously donate to projects.
The trail was installed in 1999.   Since that time it has become one of the most used WI State recreational trails!   There was a fight in the beginning with some of the residents in Allouez/De Pere but most of them have come around to the fact that the trail did not detract from property values, but have actually enhanced them.
Since 1999 the trail has been expanded to the county line and connected into a network of trails that goes down into the Fox River Valley.  From 2007- 2010 our group helped raise money and the County wrote grants so that we were able to pave an additional 3.6 miles of trail as it goes south toward Greenleaf.  Our ultimate goal is to pave the last 3 miles to Greenleaf someday.  From Greenleaf to Calumet the trail is used by snowmobilers and horse riders so it will remain a limestone surface.
We have also worked on many enhancements to the trail since 1999. in about 2004, we applied for a WisDNR grant as match for a Green Bay Area Leadership Green Bay project.  The Green Bay Catholic Church donated land for St Francis Park and the Leadership group built a bathroom  and picnic area.
We have also done small projects like removing buckthorn and pulling garlic mustard.  We also brokered a deal between Brown County and De Pere to pave a 7 foot path from the Trail to restroom facility that De Pere has at the Bomier Street Boat Launch.
We do little things like talk with WisDOT about the reconstruction of Riverside Drive in Allouez coming up in 2 years.  We are asking that they add sidewalk and crossings to the FRT.  This road makes it difficult for people who live within a mile of the trail to walk or bicycle from home to access it.
We are now working on a joint project with Brown County, Allouez and a private company to renew a piece of donated land along the river front.  It will end up as an additional space connected to Allouez Sunset Park.
I have attached some of our e-mail newsletters from the last year.
I hope this helps!  Call or e-mail me if you want additional info.
 Becky Nyberg, Secretary Friends FRT