Roger W. Putnam III–Friends of Wisconsin State Parks Board President- Presents at National Conference

Roger W. Putnam III, Friends of Wisconsin State Parks Board President, was a presenter at the November 5-7, 2014, national meeting in Austin, Texas.
The national conference was attended by  “Friends” groups or ‘Foundations from 15 States.
Putnam, one of five other presentations, focused on the value of strategic planning to promote fundraising, organizing initiatives, and mounting effective communication efforts.
“The opportunity to outline what we’re doing here in Wisconsin was extremely well received and put us in a leadership/innovator role at the conference.” Putnam said.
(Photo: Group photo of State Parks Friends and Foundations from across the U.S. who met in Austin, TX on November 5-7. FWSP’s president, Roger Putnam,  was honored to present at the two-day conference and grow relationships)