Devil’s Lake, Hartman Creek State Parks*

by Jonathon Ringdahl
image_thumb[4]_thumbDevil’s Lake State Park is a beautiful park as many people know. It is Wisconsin’s most visited state parks. Anyone who has been there will tell you why. The towering bluffs rising above the lake are spectacular. The lake possesses very clear water. There is plenty of room to roam around and a great trail network for exploring in Wisconsin’s largest state park. The park contains several campgrounds so people can stay for an extended period because there is so much to see! My favorite sites are those with teepees. I love to stay in them! They come with four cots in each one. There are only two in the park and they tend to be booked up on the weekends well in advance. I would like into reserving one ten months in advance if you want one for a summer weekend. Summer weekdays will give you greater opportunities for a reservation. I love hiking on the top of the bluffs. The views are awesome! The Balanced Rock Trail to the East Bluff Trail is my favorite bluff hike. My favorite overall hike is Parfrey’s Glenn. It is a beautiful gorge that is accessed from a trailhead a little bit of a drive from the lake. It is well worth the drive, however. The gorge will amaze you with its beauty and ends at a small waterfall. I would recommend waterproof boots as the trail can be muddy in places. Beauty is around every corner at Devil’s Lake!
Hartman Creek State Park is centered around a beautiful spring-fed chain of lakes. There are seven lakes with crystal clear waters. With all of these lakes,image_thumb[6]_thumb there ample opportunities for swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and many other water-based recreational pursuits. Several fishing piers have been constructed. There are so many trails to hike as well! The Ice Age National Scenic Trail runs through the park too. My dad and I visited on a rainy day and the park was still beautiful! I can only imagine how beautiful it must be on a nice sunny day. Come for the day or spend the weekend camping here. You are sure to have fun!