Camper Jamboree 2014*

imagesKaren Pfundtner* and her spouse, Steve, are attending the 2014 Volunteer Jamboree. This year, it is being held at the Kettle Morraine Ottawa Recreation Area.
We were greeted warmly at the gate to the southern unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest... Ottawa Lake Rec

Area.  We got a full packet of information, ID tags, and a neato tote bag to haul all in.  We were directed to our free campsite and got set up.  What a great site!  We even have a little pavilion structure over our table.
We were then ushered over to a nature program in the amphitheater.  The guest speaker was a woman named Leslie Keuhl and she was speaking on behalf of a non-profit group called "Wildlife In Need Center" located at W349 S1480 S. Waterville Rd. Ste B, Oconomowoc, WI 53066  262-965-3090 and their website is   She is their Wildlife Education Coordinator.
Leslie showed us some amazing animals... many which were rescued and made healthy but cannot be returned to the wild. Many because they are too imprinted on humans and don't know how to be a wild animal anymore.  Each one had story and is now filling the role as an Animal Ambassador to teach people what to do and NOT do when an animal needs help.  If you don't know what to do, it's best to call them first and find out before you interfere and make matters worse.
Leslie showed us a few animals that have come to the Wildlife in Need Center. Among them was Waldo the Woodchuck!  Someone actually had the audacity to make a PET out of him in a campground for a summer, having him in their motorhome and eating people food while laying on the couch!   He has no idea he is woodchuck and really thinks he is a dog.  At the end of summer, the people were going to leave him behind and go home.... so the poor guy was eventually brought to the center for protection.   Leslie was bribing him with almonds to hang out for us, and he was grunting and making the funniest sounds each time the bowl of treats was too far away.  As long as the bribes were forthcoming, he was happy to pose for us.
After the programs and potluck supper, we were invited to come sit around a group campfire with some of the other host from other parks. We shared hosting stories, favorite campground stories, and other bits and pieces... and a few jokes too.  By 10 p.m. we were ready to toddle off to bed.

**Karen and her husband, Steve, had planned to travel in their 38ft Safari Serengeti diesel pusher motohome, with our two Shetland Sheepdogs, Duke and Finnegan. As good fortune would have it, the plans changed when Steve, had an opportunity to work at High Cliff State Park. Today, they still travel in their motorhome, camp host at High Cliff State Park, and enjoy their lovely home near the park. Karen hosts a Blog: - Rving: The USA is Our Big Backyard.