Pattison State Park*

p2Pattison State Park is a special park located in northwest Wisconsin. It has not one but two beautiful waterfalls; Big and Little Manitou Falls. Big Manitou is the highest waterfall in the state of Wisconsin and is as high as Niagra Falls. Both are impressive in their own unique way. Any visitor would be remiss if they did not see both during their visit.
While Big Manitou Falls is grand and has large drops, Little Manitou Falls splits in two over beautiful rocks and drops into a beautiful pool below. It is a sublime natural experience to sit on its banks watching the water flow-by or taking a refreshing swim on a hot summer day. This is a park that cannot disappoint any visitor. My dad and I swung through last winter to see both falls. Big Manitou looked like a giant snow cone and Little Manitou was also quite well frozen over. It was an interesting experience to see this side of the waterfalls too. It further proves that our parks are a place to visit with each changing season as they take on new forms. I hope to see you on my next visit to Pattison State Park!

Friends of Pattison and Amnicon Falls State Parks

***** Jonathon Ringdahl visited all of Wisconsin’s 64 State Parks, State Forests, and recreational areas in 2012. This is another in a series of articles he is writing for the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks. Opinions expressed in this blog are the author’s