Chippewa Moraine*

p2Situated along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, the Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area offers unspoiled beauty with kettle lakes and many glacial features. The Chippewa Moraine is one of nine units of the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve. Hiking, snowshoeing, outpost camping, fishing and bird watching are popular activities. The David R. Obey Ice Age Interpretive Center houses first-class glacial, cultural and natural history displays.
I cannot say enough about how special The Ice Age Center is. The exhibits are very well done and my dad and I learned quite a bit from the informative displays. We may have spent more time looking at displays than hiking the trails here. There is no better place than right here to learn about Wisconsin’s glacial history.
The trails are definitely worth hiking as well. There are 23 miles of well-marked trails to entertain any hiker with beautiful scenery. There are numerous lakes spread out throughout the park to spice up the trails too. The three most popular hikes are the self-guided nature trails. We hiked one of the trails through beautiful forest and along one of the lakes. It was a well spent day here. The over 1,000 mile Ice Age National Scenic Trail runs through the park. It is one of Wisconsin’s crown jewel trails following along the edge of where the glaciers used to reside.Location
The David R. Obey Ice Age Interpretive Center is 7 miles east of New Auburn and 1.9 miles east of State Highway 40 on County Highway M. Geographic coordinates are 45° 13' 13.32" N, 91° 24' 39.7" W.

The Chippewa Moraine Chapter [exit DNR] of the Ice Age Trail Alliance helps to build, maintain and support the Ice Age Trail within the reserve.
***** Jonathon Ringdahl visited all of Wisconsin’s 64 State Parks, State Forests, and recreational areas in 2012. This is another in a series of articles he is writing for the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks. Opinions expressed in this blog are the author’s.