Amnicon Falls State Park

by Jonathon Ringdahl*
photoAmnicon Falls State Park is a Northwood’s gem. Amnicon Falls State Park features a series of delightful waterfalls and rapids along the Amnicon River. You can view them from a covered foot bridge or trails along the river, or—if you're sure-footed—from the rocky shore of the river. The park is a place to picnic, camp, walk in the woods, and learn about the Douglas Fault, the geological formation that created the falls.
I paid my first visit to the park last year. I was certainly impressed by the park’s beauty. As at all of the parks, the park staff and visitors were very friendly. I ended up hiking the trail around the falls on the island with a couple I struck up a conversation with in the parking lot. We enhanced each other’s visit to the park.
The falls, cascades, and covered bridge in the park are endowed with great beauty. There are so many beautiful parks in northernLocation Wisconsin. Amnicon Falls certainly is included in that. I look forward to my next visit so I can see more of the trails in the park. My cameras want to go back for more pictures of the falls and cascades because they are so sublime. Amnicon Falls is just a short drive from Pattison State Park. I highly recommend a visit if you stop over to Pattison State Park. Amnicon Falls is a great place to come to relax with the sounds of the water spilling over the rocks. As if the park was not cool enough, the Amnicon River flows through the park heading north to drain in Lake Superior.

The Friends of Amnicon Falls State Park:
***** Jonathon Ringdahl visited all of Wisconsin’s 64 State Parks, State Forests, and recreational areas in 2012. This is another in a series of articles he is writing for the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks. Opinions expressed in this blog are the author’s.