FWSP’s New Friend -- American Transmission Company

We want to welcome American Transmission Company to the family of Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP). At the recent 2013 FWSP Awards Banquet, ATC received the President’s Award.
Traditionally, this award would be presented to an individual or Friends group that has done exemplary work advancing the mission of FWSP and its values, ATC "joins" FWSP as a pioneer.
It is the Friends of Wisconsin State Park’s  first private, major donor. The American Transmission Company enthusiastically endorses our Core Values and has backed its conviction with a $10,000 donation.
This donation is already being put to work to advance environmental education opportunities around the state and fund other programs that help preserve our parks and trails.
ATC builds electric transmission lines but places an extremely high priority on doing ii in an environmentally responsible way. The company has been a pioneer in other ways as it was the first utility in 2005 to be accepted in the DNR's new Green Tier program. To be admitted into Green Tier, companies must demonstrate a strong environmental compliance record, implement a formal system for including environmental issues in business decision making, participate in external oversight of environmental performance, and show continual, measurable improvement.
ATC’s additional awards include:

  • Michigan's Clean Corporate Citizen (C3) program in 2012 o Candidates demonstrate facility-specific environmental management systems, active pollution prevention initiatives, and a consistent record of compliance with state and federal environmental requirements.
  • Wisconsin Council on Invasive Species — named Volunteer Group "Invader Crusader" by a Best Management Practices Advisory Committee in 2010
  • Edison Electric Institute (EEI) — 2009 Edison Award Winner for construction of a major Wisconsin project that was performed in an environmentally responsible manner and where environmentally sensitive areas are continually monitored to-date.
The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks truly thank ATC for investing mightily in FWSP and subscribing to our mission of preserving, protecting and promoting Wisconsin state parks and trails. We hope this is the beginning of a lasting relationship.
-- Roger Putnam III, FWSP Board President