Lapham Peak

By Jonathon Ringdahl*
As we approach the end of the summer, I begin to think of fall colors and apple dpicking. I love all of the beauty that summer brings in the state parks. I get just as excited for fall colors. Some of my favorite memories from last year are from fall expeditions. One of the standouts is Lapham Peak. It is one of the units of the amazing Kettle Moraine State Forest.
As I was driving toward the observation tower, just before the nature center, I saw a set of trees donning their best colored jackets for the occasion. They begged for a photograph. I parked by the nature center and walked back to oblige them. What I found was me taking fewer pictures of trees and more of the closest I have ever been to a wild hawk. It minded my presence not. I must have taken pictures and watched it for twenty minutes from no more than 15 to 20 yards away. It had not a care in the world that I was there. Other visitors stopped to watch too. The hawk kept on as if we were not there with an occasional glance in our direction. The colors accented the hawk beautifully. It was quite the pleasant surprise. It was a great reminder of the surprises one can encounter in our state parks if one is willing to just go explore a park.
Friends of Lapham Peak State Park
***** Jonathon Ringdahl visited all of Wisconsin’s 64 State Parks, State Forests, and recreational areas in 2012. This is another in a series of articles he is writing for the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks. Opinions expressed in this blog are the author’s.
Once I had watched the hawk for enough time, I headed up to the observation tower. It offered spectacular views of the countryside on this beautiful fall day. I could even see a tower in Milwaukee with my spotting scope! Check out Lapham Peak this fall!