Great Wisconsin Birdathon

birdathonThe Great Wisconsin Birdathon has over 100 participants from across the state and has raised over $18,000! The pilot year of the Great Wisconsin Birdathon was a resounding success and we anticipate this year will be even better.
Consider participating in the 2013 Great Wisconsin Birdathon! It’s an easy and exciting way to raise money for your organization as well as highlight the pressing conservation needs of Wisconsin’s birds. makes participating easy in 3 simple steps:
1. Start a birdathon team on (Be sure to put your organizations name in the team name) Post unique content and pictures on your team page promoting your organization and cause.
2. Direct donors to your team’s page on Here they can donate or pledge directly to your team. will bill your donors’ credit cards automatically!
3. Do your birdathon! Find as many bird species as you can in your state park or natural area in a 24 hour window, and post your results at All pledge totals will automatically be calculated using your final species tally from the day!
If your organization is a member of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative (WBCI) they will receive 50% of all the proceeds that your team raises.
Becoming a WBCI member costs nothing and is a great way to network with other like-minded conservation organizations! The other 50% will go directly to the Bird Protection Fund that supports statewide bird conservation initiatives such as Kirtland’s Warbler Monitoring and Management, the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative and Citizen Science for Birds.
Here in Wisconsin, 30% of our 284 native bird species are identified as Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan.
If your organization would like to participate in this event visit and contact Andy Paulios at