Protect the trees where you live, work and play!

The threat

Emerald Ash Borer
Your campfire wood could be hiding insects or diseases that can kill Wisconsin’s trees. Gypsy moth, emerald ash borer, oak wilt and others spread easily when hidden in firewood.

Your role
“Campers value the places where they camp, so it makes sense that more and more, they are doing the right thing. Instead of bringing their own firewood from home, they are getting it at or near their camping destination, or buying certified firewood,” said Andrea Diss-Torrance, forest pest expert with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. “That is good, healthy news for Wisconsin’s forests.”

Nurseries, loggers, mills and other industries are doing their part – they are strictly regulated when forests are threatened. Firewood is more difficult to keep track of, so it is the last easy ride for invasive hitch-hikers – unless you do your part too. It is safest and easiest to leave firewood at home, purchase wood at your destination, or purchase only wood certified by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, which has been specially treated to kill hitch-hiking tree pests and diseases.

Firewood basics
WI EAB quarantine locations
Firewood movement onto all DNR-managed lands is restricted. Soon, all firewood for sale at the property will either be Wisconsin certified or from the property itself. All non-Wisconsin certified firewood brought into a Wisconsin state park or forest must be:

1) cut within 25 miles of the state park or forest campground, AND
2) cut within the boundaries of the State of Wisconsin, AND
3) NOT cut or stored in a pest quarantined area (unless the property is also in the
same or a connected quarantined area). Visit and search the keyword
“firewood” for details AND

In Wisconsin, you may not move firewood from a quarantined area to a non-quarantined area unless it is Wisconsin certified. Enforcement can include fines and jail time. Quarantine maps are online at: &

What you can do
In Wisconsin, campers can take simple steps to help protect the state’s healthy forests. These tips and more helpful information are online at Search “firewood”:
  1. Leave firewood at home. Purchase firewood certified by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture or within 25 miles of your campsite. Also, many properties offer firewood for sale, or private sellers have it available near the park.
  2. Burn your firewood at your campsite; do not take it with you to another destination.
  3. Cook over gas or charcoal. Instead of a campfire, explore new night-time activities like star-gazing.
  4. Stay updated and follow firewood rules and restrictions.
Campfires are an important part of the outdoor experience in Wisconsin, but we must all take a few precautions to keep our forested areas and campgrounds – and our city parks and yards – safe from invasive insects and diseases.

Campers will find reasonably-priced firewood within or nearby all state parks and forests. Wood from unapproved sources may be confiscated and destroyed. We are counting on campers to help us protect the quality of our forest by complying with the rules." Ask a ranger or campground host about firewood rules, or visit online:, keyword “firewood”.