Nine Letter Word for Camping Fun

What is a nine letter word for camping fun? Wisconsin! Now that the temperatures are a little cooler; maybe too cool for most camping in Wisconsin; why not sit back in your favorite easy chair and enjoy a fun crossword puzzle about the State of Wisconsin?

There is something relaxing about crossword puzzles. Perhaps it’s the fact that just sitting down to do one is an indulgence the majority of us don’t tend to afford ourselves in these time-strapped days.

Pour a cup of coffee, print out the crossword puzzle, and grab a pencil. Perhaps you are a more seasoned crossword puzzle solver and prefer a pen.

According to Dr. Marcel Danesi, a University of Toronto professor who authored a study called The Puzzle Instinct: The Meaning of Puzzles in Human Life, creating order in the midst of confusion is a key part of the appeal. “It’s all about you, using your own mind, without any method or schema, to restore order from chaos. … And once you have, you can sit back and say, ‘Hey, the rest of my life may be a disaster, but at least I have a solution,’” he told The New York Times. Another great argument for becoming a puzzle person involves ritual mental exercise as a way to stave off brain decay and maybe even dementia. Scientists continue to disagree about this connection, but common sense tells us that a half-hour spent mentally engaged in a crossword has to be preferable to an episode of  the Duck Dynasty.

Some crosswords are simple, but some are most definitely not. The famous Sunday crossword puzzle of the New York Times is one of the hardest out there, and it isn't for the faint of heart. Wisconsin Fun Facts is a relaxing fun crossword puzzle. One for the entire family to enjoy. Ready to dive in?

Click here to View and download Wisconsin Fun Facts Crossword puzzle....