High Cliff State Park Celebrates Halloween

Guest Blog by Karen Pfundtner*

Campers enjoy Halloween at High Cliff. 
All week, preparations were being made at High Cliff State Park, located on the NE shore of Lake Winnebago, near Sherwood, WI.

Behind the scenes, the maintenance crew (which my husband is one of), along with Rangers, the Friends of the Park and the local Sherwood Lions Club were preparing for the Great Pumpkin Event and Candlelight Hike on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012.

Many times, people don’t realize the amount of work that goes into holding such an event. The pre-planning by the Park Superintendent and the Office Manager to get everything ready is just amazing.

Working like bees, the staff was prepping all around the park. Lawns were mowed, leaves were blown aside, and campgrounds were readied for the many visitors coming to the park. Local advertising promoted the event to the locals in the area. All parking lots would be filled to capacity, so extra parking areas had to be prepared along the roadsides. The campgrounds were knee deep in newly fallen leaves, so maintenance workers had to blow and push the leaves back off the road ways and camping spurs to make room for the large numbers of people coming to the park for this special weekend event.
The campground is full of campers and decorations

Campers come back year after year, some a week early to set up their sites. Many put up haunted houses, inflated decorations and spooky lights galore. The campground hosts really put up a spectacular site! The creative energy and enthusiasm is amazing.

Strolling through the park during the week to see all the fun preparations by the camping community, we were chatting with the campers, learning how much they look forward to this event and reserve their sites well in advance. My husband and I were also reserved for the weekend, so our own RV and campsite were decorated as well. I think next year we need to add more decorations!

The pavilion area was set up for the pumpkin carving event, along with a costume contest, wagon rides and a spooky walk through the woods! To prepare, the maintenance crew needed to haul and stack firewood, and have the facilities clean and ready for the hundreds of attendees. At the last minute, the furnace would not work at the pavilion! But my husband saved the day by troubleshooting the wiring problem and got the heat working, without having to wait or call in heating or electrical servicemen. Now The Friends of the Park and the Sherwood Lions Club could host their festivities in comfort.
The much-needed recently updated electrical service in the camping area provided steady current to the campers’ needs all night long.

A good time was had by all.
All five of our grandchildren came to partake of the event in their "Granfaddah's High Cliff Park". As we strolled from site to site, gathering treats and enjoying the festivities, I felt a sense of pride blossoming in my heart, as we knew that this was "our park" hosting such a great event.  
*About Karen Pfundtner (Link)
Karen and her husband are full time rvers. Karen's husband, Steve, recently accepted a position at High Cliff State Park. Steve accepted the position after both decided to live full-time in their 38ft Safari Serengeti Motor Home. Over the winter months they plan to rent a small home in the High Cliff State Park area.

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