Newport State Park + Read to Lead

Newport, northeast of Ellison Bay, is Wisconsin’s only formally designated wilderness park. With 2,373 acres and 11 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline it offers quiet alternatives to bustling Door County.
Newport offers 38.3 miles of trails, all of them open for hiking. Of these, 16.8 miles also are open to off-road bicycles. In the winter, 26.3 miles of trails are available for cross-country skiing, including, 12.5 miles groomed and tracked for classical skiing and 2 miles groomed for skate skiing, and 4.5 miles are open for snowshoeing. Newport has 16 backpack campsites.  (Click to view short video of Newport State Park.)

The Read to Lead book for the first week of June is Around the Pond: Who’s Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George.

This Pre-school = K introduces eight different wild creatures that live near or in ponds.Around the Pond The author, Lindsey Barrett George creates a guessing game for two children taking a walk in a natural area. Here, the youngsters set out to pick blueberries for pie, but they are soon distracted by the telltale signs they see and items they find along an old deer path around a pond. With each discovery, they ask "Who's been here?" Turning the page provides the answer. Viewers will find a brilliant painting of the animal, fish, or bird in its natural habitat. There is a brief note on each creature at the end. The large detailed paintings and the brief text make this a lovely book to share with children as an introduction to animal life and to tracking.
One review wrote, “I have taught first grade for 21 years, and my children ADORE the three "Who's Been Here" books that I own. When I read these stories the children are on their knees leaning forward trying to guess what is on the next page. I would recommend these books to anyone. I think the intrigue is heightened by the presentation. We pretend we are detectives who have to use the clues to solve the "Who's been here?" question.

Read To Lead
Read to Lead
The Wisconsin State Park System is teaming up with the Read to Lead program to encourage kids and families to read everywhere—including in the outdoors! Kids, if you are 5 to 9 years old and read 20 or more books, you can enter your name in a drawing for a Kindle Fire and other prizes.Here's what you need to do.
  • Print out the Read to Lead checklist.
  • Visit the state parks listed to find the books, or check them out anytime from a library. Some State Parks will have special programs to go along with their book. Visit Wisconsin State Parks to learn more about the parks and events.
  • Read (or have someone read to you) 20 or more books. Check them off on the list.
  • Have your parent or guardian sign and send the form to the address on the checklist and you will be entered in the drawing for a Kindle Fire.