Focus on Mirror lake and Seven Lakes Triathlon

Mirror lake

Amphitheater Ground Breaking -5-2-12 
The Friends of Mirror Lake State Park are in the process of redoing the seating area in the Mirror Lake State Park amphitheater.  There used to be wooden benches that sat in the hillside.  Now it will all be natural stone used for the seating and steps.  On May 2, the Friends had a ground breaking ceremony.  In attendance was Nicholas Tomkins owner of Nicholas Solutions, John Effland of Rock Opera Stone and people from Hill Electric in addition to the Friends of Mirror Lake members.

On Friday, May 4 and again on Monday May 7, trucks brought in Sandstone rocks from Colorado and the work began.  The stones were put into the hillside for seating.  There is a large stone which is in front of the stage (which will be constructed next) for presenters to use.  Flagstone covers the first two rows, a pea gravel in the next two rows and then lo mow grass which is only suppose to grow up to 6 inches and will not require maintenance.

A fire pit is in one corner and the amphitheater and fire pit area are both handicap accessible.

On Thursday, June 14, the friends will be adding small plants in the seating area.  The project is moving along nicely, according to the Mirror Lake Friends group president, Jan Primus.

In addition to raising over $60,000 primarily through their fire wood sales, they also received a $20,000 Stewardship grant to help fund this project.

Pictures submitted by Mary Melton.

 Seven Lakes Triathlon

Seven Lakes Triathlon 
The 2nd annual Seven Lakes Triathlon in Amery, WI was a success!  The the Winner Jeremy Koslowski finished in a record 1 hour and 34 minutes!  It was a warm day but we finished before the heat of the day.  Fun was had by all and we hope to build on this for next years event.  All suggestions for improvements are invited.  A huge Thank You to our sponsors Amery Regional Medical Center, Bremer Bank, Monarch Paving, Dick's Fresh Market, and Amery Pedal Paddle Ski.