New Glarus State Park Presents Owl Program

On Saturday, March 31, 2012, an interpretive Naturalist program "Owls of Wisconsin" was presented at New Glarus Woods State Park by Park Manager Steven Johnston and Ranger Assistant Manager Brad Bates. 

56 people attended the program. The free owl program featured the habits, habitat, and unique body modifications of owls. Facts about owls were also shared. Owls' ears are located on the front of their faces. The ears are asymmetrically placed which help localize sound within 2 degrees in three dimensions.  An owl's eyesight is 100 times more sensitive to light. The combination of hearing and sight makes them amazingly specialized and efficient nighttime predators. The visitors also browsed the displays of mounted owls, pictures, charts and information

As night fell, the participants were led on a guided nature trail lighted with luminaria.  They were able to try their hand at owl calling. They experienced the nighttime woods like an owl, using a night vision device and hearing enhancing earpieces. 

Afterward, the participants spent time around a campfire roasting marshmallows and informally discussing owls and nature with the New Glarus Park Rangers.