Earth Day & Read to Lead

The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks, has organized the fourth annual Work*Play*Earth Day! to give people a opportunity to celebrate Earth Day 2012 by helping Wisconsin State Parks and Trails get ready for the busy summer season.

Friends of Kohler -Andrae State Park
Volunteers can join Department of Natural Resources staff, local friends group members, and people from nearby communities for a day of getting their hands dirty helping repair and improve a park and trail facilities. When the work is done, volunteers join staff in hiking or biking park trails, visiting nature centers or interpretive displays, or enjoying any of the recreational opportunities available at the different parks. (Read More...)

Yellowstone State Park = Read to Lead

Zipping, Zapping, Zooming BATS*
Ann Earle,Henry Cole (Illustrator)

Read to Lead 
Bats, the only flying mammals, are fascinating, gentle creatures. Their nightly meal of 3000 insects (equivalent to a 60-pound child consuming 125 peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches) helps rid the planet of insects that eat us as well as the crops we depend on. Bats not only dine heartily, but they are one of the only animals that use their tails to eat. We learn how incredible bats' ears are-they can hear the sound of a cricket walking-and how they use echolocation to navigate through darkness. (Read More...)