Experience Wyalusing State Park - First Wisconsin State Park to Embrace Augmented Reality

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As with most visits to Wisconsin State Parks, the first sign park visitors see, is a sign designating the area as a Wisconsin state park. New visitors often stop at the welcome sign to photograph family members next to the sign.

Some new visitors enter the park having looked at the Wisconsin State Park Website. Some might even have researched further by looking at The Friends Website.

But what would happen if a park visitor focused the camera of their mobile device at the state park sign
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and, not only saw the sign but superimposed over the sign, a small directory appeared and deer appeared?

That’s what augmented reality is! When the “physical world” and “digital information” are combined, an “augmented reality” is created. This combination is called an “aura”. The aura is triggered by a sign, a photo, or an object.

Wyalusing State Park is excited to be the first Wisconsin State Park to offer our park visitors a tour using augmented reality.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP).

Throughout the park, the Friends of Wyalusing membership pamphlet, and the park newspaper you will find several areas in which to experience augmented reality with “HP Reveal”. Wyalusing State Park currently has over 20 auras. Click here download brochure.

HP Reveal is a free mobile app for any web-enabled device that helps to create an “augmented reality”.

It’s easy to get started
1. Download the free app “HP Reveal” for your wireless device. (https://www.hpreveal.com/)
2. After the free app has been downloaded, view the five(5) window tutorial.
3. Next, it will ask you to either sign in or create an account. If you do not want to create an account at this time you can choose to skip this step by tapping “skip”.
4. When you see the screen with the dancing dots....click on the bottom "A" Icon.
5. In the "Explore" screen, select the magnifying glass on the bottom icon bar.
6. On the "Search HP Reveal" type in “fwsp”; then, select "Done".
7. Select "fwsp’s Public Aura's".
8. On the next screen, select "Follow".
9. On the bottom icon bar, select the middle icon; it looks like a window.

You are done. You can now use HP Reveal to view Wyalusing State Park’s auras.

Test Augmented Reality Out!
  1. Open HP Reveal on your mobile device.
  2. Click the view button at the bottom of your screen to take you back to the viewing screen. The view button looks like the corners of a square.
  3. Aim the HP Reveal viewfinder at the image below. Watch what happens. 
Does a small orange rectangle appear? Now tap on the rectangle. If all goes according to plan you should be viewing a map with locations of most triggers.

Please note: This is not a perfect system. The app is dependent on having an internet connection to work. Additionally, the viewfinder can be finicky. Although we have tried to choose objects that work 100% of the time, a change in lighting or another uncontrollable factor can cause the app to be unable to recognize the image. When the app is not able to recognize the image the overlay will not appear.

Application Period is now open for the 2018 Every Day Capacity Building Grant

unnamedApplication Period is now open for the 2018 Every Day Capacity Building Grant

NEEF, in partnership with Toyota, will provide Friends Groups with grant funds of up to $5,000 to implement year-long projects that build their organizational capacity to serve public lands.
Successful applicants will be Friends Groups, nonprofits whose core missions are to support the improvement and responsible use of a public land or waterway in the US. Applicants will propose a project that strengthens their ability to operate more effectively at an organizational level. Projects will align with one of the following categories:
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Development
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Tax Exemption Process
  • Technology
  • Staff Training
  • Volunteer Recruitment or Training
Applications for the 2018 Capacity Building Grant will be accepted on a rolling basis through November 2018. More detailed information about the application process and timeline can be found here.
Remember to revisit some of NEEF’s nonprofit resources as you prepare your grant application:

Friends of Wisconsin State Parks Members joined Gov. Walker as the Water Infrastructure For State Parks Was Signed into Law

MADISON– Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) and Representative Ron Tusler (R-Harrison) released the following statements as the Parks Revitalization Act, was signed into law as 2017 Act 71:

Senator Cowles stated, “The Parks Revitalization Act is designed to tackle the ongoing issue of degrading water infrastructure in some of our most visited parks. Good drinking water quality should not be in question, and the health and safety of our visitors should be protected. By addressing the critical water infrastructure projects identified by the DNR, we can continue to ensure that our state park visitors have an enjoyable outdoors experience and continue to use our parks. I hope to see the DNR work on completing some of these critical water infrastructure projects before next summer.”

Rep. Tusler stated, “Our state parks offer a cornucopia of outdoor Wisconsin opportunities. These opportunities serve our state in many ways. Our state parks build stronger citizens, closer families, and a better business culture. They provide $350 million dollars a year in direct economic impact, support 8,200 jobs and have an annual $1.3 billion dollars indirect economic impact on the state. The Parks Revitalization Act is a great investment in an invaluable resource. I am glad we are addressing these critical water infrastructure needs so that future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of Wisconsin.”

The Parks Revitalization Act uses up to $4.5 million in unspent Knowles-Nelson Stewardship funds from FY 2016-17 to complete water infrastructure projects in some of the most frequented state parks. Some of these parks may include Devil’s Lake, High Cliff, Kohler-Andre, Peninsula and Willow River State Parks. The projects that would be completed under this bill were identified by the DNR as critical health and safety water infrastructure projects. Some of these projects may include drinking water fixture replacement, septic system replacement, vault toilet replacement, water line replacement, and waste storage areas.

DNR Outdoor Recreation Assessment - ROA

PlanningRegionsThe DNR is asking for feedback from local stakeholders and the general public regarding outdoor recreation opportunities. This past year, the department began its public input gathering effort in the most northern areas of Wisconsin. The final regions from which we are seeking public input are the Southern Gateways and Lower Lake Michigan Coastal Regions.

The department is gathering public input through an on-line questionnaire found on our web page. The department will also be hosting public open house informational meetings to gather input on the Recreation Opportunities Analysis. The meetings will be held between 4PM and 7PM. If you are interested in attending, please save the date for meetings in the following locations:

If you would like to receive periodic updates on this study, please subscribe to the ROA “GovDelivery” service. The link to this service is on the right-hand side of the ROA webpage mentioned above. After you subscribe, you will receive an email when news releases are published, when new information is available to review, and when updates occur to the ROA webpage.